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10 September 2011 @ 12:59 pm
More Rookie Blue love  
Oh, this show. I am so happy I found it this summer (and now also sad the season is over), but seriously.

It just makes me really happy.

Various thoughts on these two back-to-back episodes:

1. It is just really nice to be able to see a ship in an actual relationship. They are funny and sexy and they banter (I LOL'd at the juice conversation). Swarek is very obviously in love with Andy (granted it's been pretty obvious even when they weren't together) and to see them together makes me squee like the fangirl I am.
  - Also: Upside down kisses! Swarek drinks from the faucet! He's good with tools! And also too cool to sing karaoke.

2. Andy has really matured...I was impressed with the way she went straight to Best when she thought Swarek might be in danger because of her. Granted, it was dumb of her to carry on a relationship with him but really 1) It's Swarek, who could resist and 2) he definitely initiated the booty call the second time around. And then it turns out Swarek was made because of the boat, not Andy - so really she saved his life. The end.
  - Also: Her face in the squad car with the new rookie: Damn. When she goes, at least you know you did everything right, you know she was thinking she hadn't and if anything happened to Sam it was all her fault.

3. Noelle and Oliver singing karaoke was hilarious. It's like this show takes fanfic cliches and makes them 1000x more awesome by making it canon.

4. How awesome were the rooks at figuring out where Sammy was? Props to Luke for looking at the evidence objectively after being told his ex-fiance was seeing Swarek undercover.
  - Also: Luke and Gail: could be interesting...she's definitely more Jo-like, though really I wouldn't mind seeing Jo again.

5. Epstein and Diaz: I was a little surprised at how it was all cool now, after Diaz's crisis of faith, but bros before hoes, right? Definitely seen it before, and the same thing goes for girls so really I can' t complain.

Two things that confused the shit out of me:

1. Was that Sammy's apartment with all the blood? If so, what did Jamie do, take him out, bring him back to his apartment, turn the cameras off, beat him up and then take him to the cabin? Maybe it was Brennan's place? I dunno.

2. The thing with Boyd reminded me of the thing with Diaz, McNally, and Peck's brother. Whatever happened to that? Or to Diaz announcing to anyone in the men's locker room that he would lie for this friend about the DUI? Show, continuity is not thy strong point (thus far).

Anyway, I still love this show regardless. It's been good to me.

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