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13 October 2011 @ 10:36 pm
Psych - or, does anyone still watch this?  
I felt pretty productive today, my first day off in a while. Got my eyebrows done (they were taking over my face), got my car (finally) serviced, caught up on the Archer mini-arc (I may have to do a post on just how awesome that show is), finished some outstanding paperwork/competencies for work, AND watched the season premiere of Psych from last night.

Honestly I wouldn't have even known it was on if not for some random channel-flipping. Partly because of a super-long hiatus, and partly because I think I don't really care anymore.

But first, the good stuff:

- Lassiter/Jules: I don't ship 'em, but their working relationship/friendship is one of the strongest parts of the show. Lassiter oh-so-casually hooking Jules up to a lie detector so he could grill her about her relationship with Shawn was funny and sweet, in a Lassie sort of way. See also: Lassie hooking himself up to the lie detector so Shawn would know he was serious about his death threat.

- Papa Spencer looking out for Shawn: I'm not sure I approve in this case, but again, sweet.

- Gus and the spoiled British kid, heck Gus and that kid with the Darth Vader err..collectible. Gus wins always.

- Everyone leaning over to read the polygraph when Shawn blurted out his feelings for Jules. (Although this could get dicey, I have to say well done show).

- Woody.

The bad stuff:

- Shawn and diplomatic immunity: Kinda funny at first, but got really old really fast for me.

- Shawn (once again) lying to Jules re: psychic ability: I get it, it's supposed to be a secret, but I think the rules have to change now that Shawn and Juliet are in a somewhat serious relationship. She's not an idiot, and I doubt she'd appreciate being treated like one when she's never given Shawn reason to doubt her support now that they're together. I'm actually feeling pretty ambivalent about this ship now if this is going to continue. Also it's not a stretch for her to doubt Shawn's feelings for her once she finds out he's been trained to dupe a lie detector (which was set up pretty well actually).

- The flashbacks to every little thing that ever happened in the episode: I may not have a photographic memory like Shawn but I think I can keep track of whether or not he was playing video games and talking to Gus a whole twenty minutes earlier without having to see it again.

- Shawn being a douche: Not sure I'm just noticing it more or if it's been dialed up recently. Kinda annoying.

- The lack of consequences for anything Shawn does: This may come back later to bite him, and I can't say I'd mind.

So I'll probably end up watching more of the new season but I'm not very excited about it. Dammit I used to like this show.

Current Music: Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man